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An investment in the process of acquiring knowledge brings about the best interest. One of the most important decisions for any kid that is made by their parents is picking up the best school for them. investing in education is something that deserves maximum attention apart from the all round development of a student which needs equal focus if not less. But in this world of the rat race, the real grill begins right from the school days. The students are made to learn in a way so that they have complete focus on their education.

In this age of cut-throat competition, the most challenging task starts from choosing the right institution for schooling. Since the vital decision is essential for building the foundation for progressing towards higher education. This point is extremely essential. So, when it comes to choosing the best school there is one name that the parents go to consider now. It is the Saluja Gold International School.

The parents are likely to feel overwhelmed in making a choice about a school because at present there are so many schools offering various learning environments, teaching patterns and infrastructure. This is where Saluja Gold International School probably the best school in the Jharkhand that comes at your resort. We aim to imbibe the following values in your kid that is knowledge and wisdom which would finally lead to success.

Saluja Gold International School is a premier institution consistently being rated as the best school in Jharkhand expressway is aimed at providing world-class education with top-notch infrastructure and best set of faculties. We believe that the entire educating or the learning process is a two-way game in which we are we are here to impart the best education. We also try to create the best scientific and at the same time friendly ambience in which the students can nurture this acquired knowledge and finally grow up to be bright thinking minds. We strive to make them the best of their generation.

Saluja international gold school the best school of Jharkhand is located in a core location of Giridih away from the hustle bustle of city life. Our school is one of the top-ranked institutions when it comes to listing the schools in and around the Jharkhand area. 

We are a Co-educational institution proposed to be affiliated to CBSE following the NCERT curriculum of study. The academic curriculum and the entire learning process in our school are strongly backed by a wide range of curricular activities to ensure the all-round development of our students.

The chief reasons to choose Saluja international gold school is our commitment and dedicated faculty which is one of the chief reasons for which we have been referred to as the best CBSE Board Schools of Jharkhand and is a commitment for the visionary chairpersons -Sh. Amarjit Singh Saluja and Mr Joraver Singh Saluja.

Top reasons to choose Saluja Gold International school are:

·        Green campus

·        Best Boarding facilities

·        Apple education program

·        Well-equipped science lab

·        Computer lab

·        Robotics lab

·        Mathematics lab

·        Language lab

·        Sprawling green recreational zone

·        Well-maintained canteens

·        Highly qualified and caring faculty

·        Sweat it out zone

·        Methodical way of teaching

·        Regular interaction with guardians

·        Co-curricular activities

·        Cultural exposure

Precisely we strive to do the best. We aim to understand the pivotal role of schooling in securing a child’s future. So, we have devoted utmost care to make sure that our school is not just another institute delivering lectures and filling up the young minds with conventional education. We try to fill them up with the best school education has to offer to apply the best Residential School in Jharkhand.

This learning includes –

·        Exposure to open thinking

·        Scientific learning methods

·        Well monitored teacher-student ratio

·        Easy learning techniques

·        Practical explanations

·        Real life instances in class

·        Meditation sessions

We teach our students not to just learn alone, mug up and go home but learn together.